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TAC9 saddles

TAC9 bicycle seats (aka Saddles) are the most comfortable saddle on the market. Our saddles are designed to be the cushiest and most anatomically designed seats, for male and female, on the market.  We guarantee it!

For ease of procurement, expeditious delivery and security of your purchase our products are sold exclusively on Amazon!

Please watch our YouTube video on proper saddle installation and/or use our written instructions provided below. There are two types of saddle mount situations; 1)Post mount and 2)Rail Mount.  There are also adjustments to the saddle angle that will eliminate those annoying pressure points in the groin area.  Most people do not realize that 3 simple adjustments can make or break your joy of cycling.  For leisure or performance cycling these 3 simple adjustments will allow the cycling missions total success!  

View and purchase any of our products at our Amazon Shop - Click Here

FOR DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS CLICK HERE   Of course we always encourage you to support and utilize your local bike shop for proper installation and adjustments.

How to install or remove a saddle / seat adapter 
How to install a Rail-Style Seat post
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